Better connect with and instruct your students

18Birdies for golf instructors, golf coaches, and teaching professionals, is a learning management platform that allows you to create and manage your student’s personalized lesson plans, so you can better guide their progress, and discover new students in the 18Birdies community.

Step 1: Create an Instructor Profile

  • Build a profile an instructor profile to help new students find you
  • Add locations you instruct
  • Show off your specialties & certifications

Step 2: Add & Recruit Students

  • Add your existing students at no charge
  • Recruit new students via 18Birdies

Step 3: Manage Lesson Plans

  • Create individualized lesson plans for each student
  • Share video lessons, and upload student videos for review
  • Track student progress through 18Birdies Lesson Plans

Step 4: Accept Payments

  • Easily accept payments through 18Birdies
  • Manage your payout schedule
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