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Create fun golf events to increase revenue

Increase Golf Course Revenue

18Birdies will also generate a unique website for registration and help you market your event to the appropriate users on the 18Birdies App.

Simplifying this process, will result in:

  • Time savings and repeatable revenue opportunities.
  • Increased utilization of your club’s facility, resulting in incremental revenue.
  • A larger, more socially-connected course community.
Create fun golf events with 18Birdies Marketplace

Fun Golf Events

Create fun, social experiences that differentiate your course to attract to a wider variety of consumers.

  • Couples Mixer
  • Parent and Child Event
  • Party on the Range
  • Night Golf
  • Power Lunch
  • Ladies Night
  • And more
Create new revenue streams with 18Birdies Marketplace


Discover additional revenue streams by segmenting your club’s experience to appeal to different audiences based on their needs.

  • Lunch Time
  • Beginner Zone
  • Private Club
  • Priority Booking
  • And more

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