From getting a behind-the-scenes look at pro golf, to sneaking peeks at some of the world’s coolest courses, these are the Instagram accounts you aren’t following (but should be!)

We all know there are plenty of great golf-related Instagramers out there, but are there any accounts you’re missing? The Player’s Club Digest has compiled a list of the Instragram accounts that we like, but that maybe don’t get the love they deserve.

Take a trip with @golfawaytours


Of all the accounts on the list, this one likely inspires the most jealousy. Canadian golf-industry consultant TJ Rule founded Golf Away Tours, a golf-focused travel company, which has since taken him to five different continents and countless world-class courses. From pilgrimages to Scotland to more unique locales, Rule and his team take golfers all over the world and document it on this Instagram account.

Get inside the game with @espncaddie

This may be my new favorite picture!!

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Michael Collins got his start in golf, believe it or not, as a standup comedian. During a 1997 PGA Tour event in Hilton Head, he booked a series of shows at a local comedy club. By the end of the tournament, Collins says, about 50 players and 100 caddies had seen his routine, and they just couldn’t seem to get enough of it. Omar Uresti was the first player to ask Collins to caddie for him, and his career carrying bags took off from there. Over the last 20 years, Collins, who now works for ESPN, has been immersed in the world of professional golf. His hilarious Instagram account chronicles it.

Savor Michigan with @golfthemitten

Little Monday morning motivation for you all. #GolftheMitten (Photo: @michiganscentralswing)

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This is the perfect account for people who are cooped up in the office when they’d much rather be out on the links. It’s a well-curated feed that focuses on golfing in the Great Lakes State, but you don’t have to be a Michigan-native to appreciate it. You can’t go wrong with shots of picturesque courses, interspersed with the occasional golf meme or picture from the Tigers game. @golfthemitten is updated pretty much every day with images from some of the state’s top courses including Crystal Downs and Arcadia Bluffs (which both rank among Golf Digest’s 100 greatest courses.)

Get nostalgic with @golfplus_

Calories don’t count on the weekend ?????? #golfplus || ? @gettyimages

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I love this account! It takes you back to a lot of great moments featuring not just golf legends, but other superstar athletes (on the course) as well. It’s great for long-time fans of the game, or anyone with a healthy appetite for pictures of John Daly during his mulleted prime. MJ and Tiger are heavily featured, but nearly every major figure from the golf world makes an appearance, from Jack and Arnold to Happy Gilmore. If nothing else, this account will help you appreciate just how far golf fashion has come.

Have a laugh with @golfhard

Double tap if this is you! #golfhard #upanddown #madepar #golfmeme #tiger #golf #golfing #winning #instagolf

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This one is for the light hearted golfer – its feed is full of funny videos. My personal favorite is of a South American bird called a Seriema that’s developed an interest in golf balls. It picks them up with its beak right off of the green and takes them over to the cart path where it proceeds to bounce them as hard as it can on the cement. Wouldn’t it be fun if a few of these guys made an appearance in Rio next month? Other videos feature a mixture of amazing shots and absolute disasters on the course. Plus, a few of the memes may speak to you…

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