We’re back with another update to improve the quality of our newest features including adding previous rounds to the app, and easier scoring functionality! Read up on the latest improvements that are now in the 18Birdies app

Enter Old Rounds

Looking to log rounds that you’ve already played? Users can now select their course and enter in rounds and stats from a previous date from the Round History section in your profile.  To find this section simply tap Me>Round History>Enter an existing Round

golf app round history


Scoring Update – Pick Up Option

This automatically gives players a 10 on the hole, if they select “pick up.”

Golf app pick up scoring

Updated Scoring

Changing your scorecard just got easier! Users can now tap on each hole from the scorecard view to enter scores. You can now Edit any hole on the scorecard from this screen for or your friends.

golf app scorecard

The 18Birdies app is now available for iPhone and Android devices. Click here for your free download. For more information and content, check out 18Birdies.com