Golf Ball Water Globe

Reddit is great for wasting hours consuming cat videos, but what if you want to achieve even less than that? Introducing the Golf Ball Water Globe. The only thing uglier than this globe sitting on your desk is the emptiness you feel inside after spending 2 straight hours trying to beat it.


UroClub ™

We’ve all been there… you loaded up on beverages at the turn and now you’re on the far end of a master-planned McMansion community full of suburban moms just waiting to call out that golfing pervert peeing near their backyard… Nightmare averted with UroClub! The only club guaranteed to keep you out of the woods (and off a sex offender list).


Crotch Hook

Most PGA-certified coaches don’t punch you in the crotch every time you lift your head up, but don’t worry – this product enables you to do it yourself! Masochism meets golf training for speedy improvement. Sharpen the hook for maximum effectiveness.


Toilet Golf Set

A study in the UK revealed that people spend an hour and 20 minutes to an hour and 45 minutes per week on the toilet. Ever consider the positive effects to your putting if you spent that time practicing? Well, somebody did. Introducing Toilet Golf.



I’ll let the founder’s write up take this one:

I remembered a gentleman invented the ‘pet rock’ that made millions.  Something so simple and creative, yet people loved it.  I began to think “How do I cross golf and pet rock?” My mind went into creative mode.

A couple of nights later I laid in bed thinking “golf-pet rock, golf- pet rock,” as I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning with the idea of a ‘uniquely’ shaped golf ball holder that would hold two balls.  My sub-conscious mind literally came up with the idea while I was asleep.  How amazing is that?!

Yup… that about covers it.


The 33-In-1 Golf Club

Let’s face it: traveling with golf clubs sucks. Baggage fees can run you $100 round trip and if the airline doesn’t lose your bag, they probably damaged it. Beat them at their own game with your very own 33-in-1 collapsible golf club. Rumor has it a lot of the Nike athletes are picking these up to pair with their Taylormade woods…


Camouflage Golf Balls

I’m sure everyone feels the same way – golf gets pretty boring when you’re flushing everything down the middle. It’s time to challenge ourselves. Introducing camouflaged golf balls: because your drives are only good if you can find it.


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