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Category: Golf Games
Easily track your bets for group games with the 18Birdies app💰⛳️ feature image
Do you bet money against your playing partners on the course? The 18Birdies Payout feature makes it super simple to track your bets and wagers for any games your group plays on the course. We'll do the math for you, all you have to do is setup a game for your group in the 18Birdies app and log…
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Track your golf games on the course with 18Birdies feature image
Are you looking to add an extra thrill to your next round? Games add a whole new level of excitement to a round with friends. We've completely revamped our games platform to make it easier for you to track games and any bets you may have on the line with friends. Several of the games you can play…
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Golf Games: How to play the Sixes golf game feature image
Sixes is a great 2 vs 2 team game to play with your foursome because you get teamed up with each member of your group for 6 holes at a time.
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Play the Sixes golf game with the 18Birdies App feature image
Looking for your new favorite game to play on the course? Sixes is our go-to game to play with the 18Birdies team. And it's Free! You should give Sixes a try if you aren't already a raving fan.Okay I'm listening, tell me about Sixes :)Sixes is a great 2 vs 2 player team game to play with your…
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