Hitting the perfect draw is one of those crucial shots that every golfer will need at one point. That’s why I’m working on adding the draw to your golf bag and get you comfortable enough to pull it out of your bag of tricks whenever you need it. However, many golfers don’t know the most important part of hitting the perfect draw: the swing path.

The path before you even make contact with the ball is hugely impactful to where that ball is going to go. In order to create a draw, the path of your club needs to come from inside the ball before you make contact. Take a look at my video to see exactly how I create and execute the perfect draw.

Next time you are at the course give this drill a try. Not going to the course? Get familiar with the motion at home! For more of my tips to a better swing, including the Bogey Golfer Tuneup, check out the 18Birdies app!