Trying to go low?  Tired of the dreaded three-putt? (Aren’t we all).  Indecisive about your line?  Luckily, we’ve brought On Point ball markers back as an Instant Win prize for our last DreamGames contest for the year. 18Birdies and On Point have partnered to hand out 100 On Point three-dimensional domed ball markers!


But this is not just any ol’ ball marker.  On Point is a patent pending, game-changing domed golf ball marker that does more than just mark your ball – it is a true on-course tool and putting aid. The On Point putting process consists of three steps that help you establish a sound and repeatable putting routine.


Engage with your read – Commit to your line – Putt On Point – and Make More Putts

Engage – The On Point three-dimensional marker simulates a golf ball thereby helping you to establish a clear putting line. Your creativity and visual senses are engaged with the read of the green and selection of your desired line.

Commit – Once you set the putting line you are finished! No more second-guessing. No more doubt. Committing to your green read is as easy as marking your ball.

Putt on Point – Simply match your golf ball to the On Point marker, align your putter, and execute your putting stroke.

Why does On Point work?

The foundation of the On Point process is to help you establish your putting routine. The On Point routine is a sequence of steps and actions prior to your putt. It allows you to putt with confidence, eliminate doubts and steady your nerves. On Point forces putting focus, improves your green-reading, develops consistency, and squares the putter face to the putting line.

Not only will this USGA approved marker improve your putting focus it will enhance the overall experience by speeding up the rate of play as the marker allows each player to analyze their putting line while waiting their turn.

On Point is an excellent playing and teaching tool for all levels of golfers. The marker can be customized for individual players or for your golf event by inserting the coin of choice in the bottom of the marker.

Elevate your game and play DreamGames in the 18Birdies app to win your own On Point ball marker!

P.S. Catch On Point at the Perfect – Pro Ams in Las Vegas this coming week where they will be giving out more than 200 units to the participants! If you look closely, you might see some of your favorite TOUR Pros using them on the course.