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Q: @JoshHayesFS what’s the best golf equipment for high handicappers?

A: @DarrellKestner Taylormade M2 irons or the easiest and most forgiving irons to hit

Q: @BigMoneyFantasy How much of a difference do the top golf balls make over other brands?

A: @DarrellKestner  better balls for better players is a must, higher handicaps can also benefit if the price doesn’t matter

    • @RickieFNation I disagree. High handicaps don’t benefit from really good soft balls like Pro V1x. And they lose distance.
    • @DarrellKestner  good point, but higher handicaps miss more greens and can benefit from extra control with a premium ball 🙂
    • @RickieFNation he benefits of a soft ball, plus when losing distance you are going for the green with a longer club which, means less control at the end 🙂 you have to have a good touch to actually get to spin the ball and control it. I don’t think they would enjoy
    • @DarrellKestner  good point, but higher handicaps miss more greens and can benefit from extra control with a premium ball 🙂

Q: @Kraig_McLeod I’ve noticed more PGA tour pros changing to oversize putter grips, do you recommend it for players of all levels?

A: @DarrellKestner If you have overactive hands or nerves it can be a great alternative



Q: @AnishPatel21 Does a really good set of clubs make a diff. for beginners compared to a cheap used set?

A: @DarrellKestner you get what you pay for, newer technology usually performs better

Q: @Jacy_Jackson1 what is the best way for a low teen handicap to get into single digits?

A: @DarrellKestner absolutely short game, chipping pitching sand game and putting, the most strokes are lost in this area

Q: @GolfTechNews Do you think @pxg will become one of the top golf manufactures on the professional level?

A:  @DarrellKestner absolutely,when you have money and technology behind you, you can make great equipment for anyone to play

Q: @mcleod_evan Who’s your pick for the U.S. Open?

A: @DarrellKestner played Oakmont Monday,the golf course wins! Over par! Low pro Rory Mcilroy

Q: @BigMoneyFantasy do brand name putters like Odyssey and Scotty Cameron really make any difference?

A: @DarrellKestner a good putter can putt with anything, it’s the archer not the arrow…helps for the putter to fit you and be well balanced

Q: @susanjsong What are your thoughts on @b_dechambeau’’s single length clubs?

A: @DarrellKestner great idea, need high end swing speed to make them beneficial, also excellent fitter to build them

Q: @SilkAshton If someone is struggling with their distance control on elevated approach shots, what is a good drill they can work on?

A: @DarrellKestner  good distance control requires great contact, focus on ball then turf contact and also club selection

Q: @BigMoneyFantasy how much should a typical golf lesson cost a beginner or high handicap golfer?

A: @DarrellKestner varies based on pro and region, if cost is an issue read Hogan’s 5 Fundamentals to start, then also find a short game book

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