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Unlike other marshals, he comes not to wag his finger and get you to play faster, stow away your beer koozies, and wipe those smiles off your faces. Quite the opposite—he brings a great and sundry bevvy of advice, tidbits of wisdom, and other sage words that help you use 18Birdies, lower your handicap, and enjoy the game like you just discovered it.

The Marshal You Owe Me a Beer

The Marshal’s
Good Golf Guide

A noted Grand Slam veteran—well, as a fan, but still–the Marshal knows the game inside and out. Here’s his guide to all things golfy, a set of tips and pointers to impress your friends on the course.

Beery Wisdom

Sidle up next to the bar and grab a pint—the Marshal explains the ins-and-outs of golf and cool side games you can play.

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Deep Golf Knowledge

Take a ride in the Marshal’s cart and get his twist on some of the more obscure aspects of the game.

  • USGA Rulebook Sez

    Spider webs are considered loose impediments. Awful, skin-crawling loose impediments.

  • USGA Rulebook Sez

    If the flag gets stuck in the hole & your putt hits it, it’s a two-stroke penalty. Weird.

  • USGA Rulebook Sez

    If your ball comes to rest next to a cactus, you may wrap an arm or leg in a towel to protect yourself from the needles when you play your shot. But you can’t cover the cactus with a towel.

  • USGA Rulebook Sez

    A log is considered a loose impediment, but if legs were added to make a bench, it’s an obstruction. Wood also becomes an obstruction if it’s “manufactured into a charcoal briquette.”

  • USGA Rulebook Sez

    If your ball becomes lodged in an orange, you cannot take relief without penalty.

  • USGA Rulebook Sez

    Earthworms on the green are okay to move, and are a great resource for gross golf bets.

  • USGA Rulebook Sez

    Running a golf cart over your ball is a 1-stroke penalty. Over your opponent, 20 to life.

  • USGA Rulebook Sez

    When balls land in anthills or gator mouths, drop it one club length from the danger zone.

  • USGA Rulebook Sez

    It’s legit to peek in a player’s bag for clubs they use, but don’t ask. Or touch. Or lick.

  • USGA Rulebook Sez

    Not to break your balls, but if one splits on impact, cancel the stroke. And the steroids.

Minding your P’s and Q’s

Take a stroll down the fairway with the Marshal as he explains the rules of the grassy road.

  • Leave ’em how you’d like to find them
    Leave ’em how you’d like to find them, you bright and risen golfing angels.
  • You should always watch where your fellow golfers’ balls drop
    You should always watch where your fellow golfers’ balls drop, so you can help them find ‘em and keep things moving.
  • This means taking your turn whenever you’re read
    This means taking your turn whenever you’re ready. That speeds up the pace of play and gets you to the 19th hole faster.

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