How you can use these yoga exercises to advance your golf game

Yoga as a health practice is really underestimated. Countless studies are available to show that yoga can help not only reduce stress and anxiety, but also help treat illnesses that affect the heart and even improve memory and brain function.

One study conducted in April 2015 showed that “30 men with Type 2 diabetes who practiced yoga for six months saw a significant decrease in their blood glucose levels.” There are also links to reducing back and neck pain and improving cardiovascular health.

So, why not get lost in yoga as a golfer? Take it from someone who has recently battled back pain on the course, yoga has not only helped reduce my pain, but it has also increased my flexibility and strength. Also, if you’re out golfing at least once a week, especially walking, you know it can be rough on your body.  But, the ability of yoga to improve fitness and endurance is actually not well known. By doing yoga for 180 minutes a week, whether it’s a class or in your home, you can be more fit and make that round of golf much easier on yourself.

There are three moves to put into your weekly routine that will help you build flexibility, strength, and endurance. A little more advanced than the yoga positions in my last post, these will take a little more balance and focus.

Warrior III

Warrior III is a balancing pose that helps you strengthen your core, back, hamstrings and calves. It also helps lengthen your body and improves your total body coordination. According to Yoga Outlet, it also helps you hone in on your concentration when you’re in a difficult position. As a golfer, this is probably the most important benefit you can get from yoga.


Bow Pose

When you’re looking for something that will open up your whole body, including your hip flexors and your abdominals, Bow Pose is it. Benefits of Bow Pose include relieving tension in your lower back, improving flexibility in your spine and strengthening your core. These are once again the most ideal benefits as a golfer to help your swing and stamina.


Lotus Pose

Perhaps one of the best poses for improving concentration and peace throughout your mind and body, Lotus Pose not only opens up your hips, but also completely centers you.  When practicing this pose, be sure it doesn’t hurt your knees and take your time getting comfortable in this position.


Remember, yoga is a practice that becomes easier and better with time. The more often you practice, the more experienced you will get. The more experienced you get, the more benefits you will reap. Namaste.

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