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Meet 18Birdies Athlete: Sheenah Pegeron

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Hello 18Birdies World!

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Twenty years perfecting my game…guidance from dad, friends, mentors…and now – AI!!


I’m Sheenah Pegeron, one of 18Birdies’ newest partners. I’ve been using the app for three months and have already seen some significant improvements in my game. Since I was eight years old, I’ve always been looking for ways to improve. The very cool features in the app help me do just that. 


Stubborn golfers like me can be hard to coach.  But it’s really tough to argue with the AI Coach.


It’s simple to use…unique…and the analysis of my swing through video gives me drills & workouts to practice at home and on the course. The AI Coach allows me to practice anywhere I want whenever I want to.

Living in New Jersey, there is very little golf played over the winter. And while I’m happy to see the weather finally getting nicer, using the AI Coach at home and at a simulator allowed me to stay on top of my game and has me ready to go as soon as courses open. 

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The AI Coach recognized problems with my swing that I was clueless about.


The Coach analyzes your swing during your setup, backswing, and at impact. One of my first times using this feature, it immediately picked up that my spine angle was off. Like any change to a golf swing, it was uncomfortable to adjust at first, but I trusted the AI Coach and kept working with it until I developed a swing with an improved spine angle.

A short time after this change, I could feel the difference in my swing. I felt so loose and confident, and the results backed this up. Since using the AI Coach to work on my swing, I have seen a 20-yard increase on my distances!

My distance off the tee has always been one of the best parts of my game, but the AI Coach has helped me reach a new level that I didn’t even know was possible. 

While the AI Coach has me ready to win any long drive contest, there are so many more features in the 18Birdies app that I am using on a daily basis. The shareable scorecard and leaderboard feature are some of my favorites. They combine to make playing with my friends or playing in events super easy and convenient.

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I’m the President of Shady Rest Golf Club, and proud to say that every tournament/event held here this season will be run through the 18Birdies app.


We will also use the app for our out of state events, one to be played at Payne’s Valley in Missouri. The “group” feature the app offers means no more sending out mass emails and monitoring multiple group chats for tournaments.

Everyone entered into an event will join my 18Birdies group and all information will be sent out through there. This makes it easier not only for me, but for every golfer involved. Everyone’s scorecards and handicaps shown together will also raise competitiveness. 


Our annual tournament this year will be held at Galloping Hill Golf Course in Kenilworth, New Jersey, and will be one of the largest events we have held.


We expect more than 150 golfers to enter the event, and each one will be using 18Birdies during play. Every scorecard, shot, distance, and all statistics will be entered into the app so the entire field can get instant updates. We will even be utilizing the “games” feature in the app to keep track of and organize any different kinds of matches golfers may partake in. 

The app allows us to play team games such as sixes, matches, and Nassau, while also giving us plenty of individual game options such as skins, dots, wolf, and points. This feature will not only make running these events easier, but it will make them more fun for all golfers involved.

We will no longer have messy scorecards full of numbers, matches, and side bets! 18Birdies makes it very simple to keep track of your score, your match, and your games while also being able to monitor the entire field in real time. These new features are going to take my events to the next level. I can’t begin to describe how excited I am to put the app to the test this season. 

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One quick plug:  As much as I love to improve myself, I love helping others even more.


I am always looking to inspire young children and love working with them to learn the game of golf in hopes to bring diversity and inclusion to our game. This summer I will be working with Shady Rest Youth Golfers as we begin a scholarship-based golf academy.

The young golfers I work with will range from 10-18 years old. I have always loved working with young golfers because they are the future of our game. I am always happy to do anything I can help grow the game, and I believe that working with the younger generation is the perfect way to do it. 

I hope you’ll follow me on social media this year. I plan to post regularly throughout the golf season, with a special focus on using the “reels” feature on Instagram, including “how to” videos explaining the 18Birdies app and all of its features.

I have already posted one video on my experience with the AI Coach. Posting on social media will also allow me to keep everyone updated on my tournaments, stats, and of course how my game is improving. 

With the 18Birdies app on my team for this season I am really looking forward to seeing just how far I can take my game, reaching new heights (and distances)!

Follow me on Instagram here for exclusive 18Birdies content!

Also, use my 18Birdies link to download the app today!


18Birdies has reached a marketing agreement with Sheenah Pegeron, a role model to young women and an ace on the LPGA amateur circuit. 

Sheenah, based in New Jersey, is currently the President of the Shady Rest Golf Club, the oldest African American golf club in the country. She is also the CEO of Peaks Developmental Services, a nonprofit that provides services to the disabled community, and the lead US Kids Golf Certified Coach at We Novas, LLC. Sheenah has also appeared as a golfer on Stephen Curry’s “Holey Moley” on ABC. 

Sheenah uses her platform to inspire young children, especially African American girls, to understand and excel in golf in hopes of bringing diversity and inclusion to the game. Teaching young children the game of golf is a passion of Sheenah’s.

She is excited to be a partner of 18Birdies and looks forward to introducing her followers to the incredible features that 18Birdies has to offer.

Sheenah is represented by IPZ, a New Jersey-based sports and entertainment agency.

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