Matrix Shafts joins 18Birdies for July DreamGames

The 18Birdies Team is excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Matrix Shafts on our July DreamGame Giveaway!  18Birdies users now have a chance win one of ten Matrix DEUS HD shafts this month in our Arnold Palmer Invitational DreamGame! Winners will be able to choose from seven different options of shaft specs that will match their swing. In addition, Matrix Shafts is also giving away one premium flagship model Matrix OZIK TPHDe (Retail Value for $1,200).  Now is your chance at getting a great shaft that will boost those drives by playing the API DreamGame in the 18Birdies App!

Read up on specs to what Shafts Matrix offers that could help improve your game!


Matrix DEUS HD 6 series– Amateur, Regular and Stiff

Matrix DEUS HD 7 series– Stiff and X-Stiff

Matrix DEUS HD 8 series- Stiff and X-Stiff

Check out this description on the DEUS HD and the TPHDe series shafts.

The DEUS HD series are designed for distance, power, and performance. These shafts have been carefully engineered with our patented HD technology, a 16-sided internal structure that allows for a stronger “tip-strength-to-weight” ratio, strengthening the tip without adding additional weight to the shaft. As the flex and weight increase, the stiffness increases and the launch angles are lower.  Available in a wide assortment of weights and flexes to create optimal performance and enhanced feel for each player and their individual swing types. There are 3 weights [60g,70g,80g] 60g A, R, S flexes, 70g S and X flexes, and 80g S and X flexes.


TPHDe is truly one of the most technically advanced shafts in the industry. Each shaft is made exclusively in Orange County, CA. Meticulously crafted in a 13-step, 6-day, 10-person process, players worldwide trust TPHDe to deliver results. The Matrix Interply Hybrid Technology creates dynamic effects that improve on ball speed and sidespin reduction. TPHDe continues to see consistent success out on Tour and is Matrix Shaft’s premium flagship model that has stood the test of the game.


You can read a review on the premium Matrix TPHDe shaft at To learn more about the company check out

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