Golf GPS Rangefinder

18Birdies Golf App - GPS, Scores, and Stats Golf GPS App Rangefinder
  • The Most Accurate Mobile Rangefinder

    Powered by Google Maps, we verify every yardage for more than 35,000 courses worldwide, ensuring you always know the number.

  • Bird's-Eye View Golf GPS

    Know the distance from your location to literally any point on the course. Move the target circle to see the distance to the dogleg or how far it is to carry the water hazard. If you're aiming at the green, the app provides distances to the front, middle and back.


Blind Shot Compass

18Birdies for Business helps golf courses build community and grow revenue GPS app Blind Shot Compass
  • Say Goodbye to Blind Shots

    The Blind Shot Compass in the 18Birdies app points you in the right direction regardless of what's obstructing your view.

  • Take Dead Aim at Lower Scores

    Move the target circle to the point where you'd like to hit your shot and switch to Blind Shot view to reveal the direction to your target. Whether you're taking dead aim at the green or laying up short of a water hazard, Blind Shot Compass will point you in the right direction.


Shot Tracking

18Birdies for Business helps golf courses build community and grow revenue Golf GPS App shot tracking
  • Record Your Best Golf Shots

    The 18Birdies app allows you to track your golf shots at any point while playing a golf round. Whether you've ripped a drive down the fairway or stuck one close to the pin, this is a great way to save a memorable golf shot or to share it with your friends.

  • Save Shot Information Too

    Add details to your tracked shot such as the club used, shot shape, shot quality, power and lie.

  • Train Your Virtual Caddy

    As you track shots, you'll be helping 18Birdies Caddy+ understand your golf game so that it can provide you with personalized club recommendations for every shot.

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