Advanced GPS

Make the most accurate club selection for any shot with added GPS data points such as elevation, temperature, humidity and wind.

18Birdies Golf GPS App

Caddy+ Club Recommendations

Get personalized distance and club recommendations for every club in your bag based on your playing style, shot history, and real-time course conditions.

Caddy+ club recommendations app

Caddy+ Shot Tracking

Unlock deeper on-course analysis by tracking your shots based on club, distance, shot shape, quality, power and lie.

Golf GPS app for tracking shots

Advanced Golf Stats

Get more insight into your game by analyzing your stats with new charts and custom filters.

Golf stats app


Raise the stakes! Add a friendly (or not so friendly!) level of competition to your round with complete access to our full games library featuring Skins, Vegas, Nassau, Wolf and much more.

Golf Betting Games in the 18Birdies App

Group Golf Outings

Host a single or multi-round tournament for a large group of your friends! Play together on the same course or compete “virtually” on any course in the 18Birdies database.

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