We’ve put tour-level caddy knowledge in your hands with with the most advanced golf rangefinder and club recommendations on the market. Make the most accurate club selection for any shot with added GPS data points such as elevation, temperature, humidity and wind.

Live Coach

Stuck in a tough spot? Live Coach will give you tips on how to hit full-swing shots, pitches and chips from any lie type.

Tee Shot Planner

Combining the power of historical stats and scores from other golfers who have played the course before you, Tee Shot Planner helps you statistically determine the safest side of the fairway to miss, and which side to avoid.

Blind Shot Compass

Know where the flag is even when you can’t see the green.

Strokes Gained Scoring

Tour-level stats that show you where you’re losing or gaining strokes.

Shot Tracking

Capture and share highlights from your round, like long drives and close shots to the pin.

Advanced Stats

See your entire stats history, plus custom filters to further break down your stats and learn more about your game.

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