Reimagining golf

18Birdies is developing industry partnerships to innovate the golf experience.

We‘re committed to making golf more fun, social and sticky by enriching “social golf” using technology.

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What is social golf?

Playing with Friends

Playing with

Competing with Friends

Competing with

Sharing with Friends

Sharing with

Being a part of a community

Being part of a

Side Games, Tournaments, Leagues

Side Games, Tournaments,

Social golf is not

Social media

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stroke play

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A round
of golf

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Improving your

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a community

Investing in grassroots, local marketing to grow the game

  • We are on-the-ground at local events and tournaments
  • We’re focused on delivering fun, competitive and social experiences
  • We back our partners with marketing support
  • We support national and local charities

Our Partners

Our team of partners continues to grow

Windsor Golf
NextGen Golf
Skywest Golf Course
SJ Muni Golf Course
Santa Teresa Golf Club
Rooster Run Golf Club
Patriots Honor
Cinnabar Hills Golf Club
Mission Hills of Hayward
Adobe Creek Golf Club
Delta Soul Golf Event
ING Golf
Murray Bros Caddyshack
PGA Northern California Section
  • Chad Hodges

    Chad Hodges

    Chairman of the Board, Patriots Honor

    18Birdies has streamlined the process for all of our charity tournaments. We are able to offer our golfers a more exciting experience through the 18Birdies app’s scoring, live leaderboards and social features. Golfers can communicate and see their exact position in the tournament, which adds to the overall excitement.

  • MattWeinberger

    Matt Weinberger

    COO of Nextgengolf

    18Birdies has been a great local sponsor of the Bay Area City Tour, and we look forward to working with their team as the Championship Partner of the City Tour Championship this September in Atlantic City. The 18Birdies app is a perfect fit for the 18-34-year-old golfers we cater to, making the partnership an ideal fit.

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