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18Birdies AI Coach – How It WorksClubhouse

Watch the video to learn more about how AI Coach works.

18Birdies AI Coach is a coach in your pocket, helping you improve your game anytime and anywhere.  Simply take a video of your swing from a Face On or Down the Line angle using our Swing Analyzer – and get immediate feedback. AI Coach will detect how your body moves throughout the swing and will determine the highest priority item to focus on based on all of your swing faults.  Then AI Coach will give you a customized lesson plan focusing on how to improve your swing and help you shoot lower scores.

In the world of golf, there's all sorts of swing philosophies but they all have one thing in common, how your body is connected to the ground. By learning how to use the ground, you minimize additional movements and instabilities in your swing helping you hit the ball further and straighter. 

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So, AI Coach has a couple areas of the swing we specifically focus on:  Your Setup position, the top of your backswing, and impact. We enlisted several world class golf instructors to provide the most proven approach to improving golfers swings of all ability levels. The resulting philosophy is one used by top level players throughout the world and prioritizes setup first, and then the top of backswing positions, and then impact because you'll find that poor setup can cause issues that force your body to compensate during the rest of the swing.  Once you've perfected your setup, we then focus on getting into a position at the top of the backswing that allows your body to make a natural and efficient movement down into the ball at impact. AI Coach doesn't focus on swing technique after impact as that is related to everything you did before you hit the ball. 

We’ve taken a structured and systematic approach to helping golfers improve. We’ve broken down how golfers learn and practice, step-by-step. After uploading your swing, you'll receive the highest priority area to focus on in your swing with video tips hand holding you through why the area in your swing is an issue, then we'll help you get the feel for the proper technique, and then how to make it real and build a habit into your game so the improvement sticks for the long term.

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