Using Instant Messaging to Serve Our Community

We’ve been developing technology to enhance the golfing experience, both on and off the course. Along the way our team has continually gained knowledge about how to turn that into a reality. It has always been a priority to support our 18Birdies players as much as possible and most recently our team has developed an inherent way to solve that problem. Our main goal as was to figure out what pains our community most. Our second goal was to figure out how to solve those pain points as quickly and intelligently as possible. This is precisely the reason for developing an official in-app support feature, which is seamlessly integrated within the Connect feature of 18Birdies. Reaching out to the 18Birdies Support team is as easy as posting an update.

18Birdies Step by Step Support Image

With this feature, users can notify our internal team with an instant message without having to leave the application. With such a direct line of communication, our solution has created the quickest feedback loop possible for our team to be notified of issues. Once notified, our team has the ability to support our community and mitigate any issues. Because of this, we also believe that we can build a more robust platform for 18Birdies players while, at the same time, create a lasting relationship with them. Our player experience is of utmost importance and we believe that with the intro of an integrated support feed we are one small step closer to making a big difference in the lives of golfers using 18Birdies.

18Birdies is available for both iOS and Android. If you have yet to give it a try, download the app today for a whole new way to enjoy golf.