18Birdies Introduces Caddy+18 Birdies News

The 18Birdies team is excited to announce the release latest app update featuring the all-new Caddy+. This feature will help take your game to the next level with features that include shot tracking, Advanced GPS, club recommendations and new stat displays. With this new functionality, 18Birdies users now have more tools in their virtual toolbox to help lower those scores while creating a better social golf experience!

  • Digital Golf Bag - Caddy+ will be complete with giving you recommendations based on your own digital golf bag to let the app know what clubs you play, and how far you hit each club. This helps the app provide personalized club recommendations to accompany real-time distances provided within Advanced GPS.  
  • Advanced Weather/Elevation - GPS and yardages are now enhanced through elevation data from a dedicated Google Maps API. Weather data is also new and includes wind speed/direction, temperature, and humidity from Weather Underground.
  • Shot Tracker - The new Shot Tracking feature will allow users to have the opportunity to track and display their own shots from start to finish and tee to green. Players can now measure their distance, starting and ending position, define shot shape, shot quality and power. Hit an awesome shot? Share your favorite tracked shots to the 18Birdies feed and Facebook!
  • Meters now available - Now you can designate your yardage to display in meters or yards from your golf bag.
The 18Birdies app is now available for iPhone and Android devices. Click here for your free download. For more information and content, log onto 18Birdies.com.

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