Let It Fly!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No, it’s AeroGolf! There is a fun, cool and fresh take on the great game of golf that is taking hold at local courses across the country. 

Have you ever tried to  convince a friend or family to hit the links with you? AeroGolf is a great way to expose novices to the world of golf without the steep learning curve that can sometimes deter beginners. It’s also a great opportunity for experienced golfers to relax and try something new. And why not? AeroGolf combines the thrill of archery with the precision and finesse of golf. Not to mention, it’s a lot of fun!

What is Aero Golf?

AeroGolf™ is golf with a bow and arrow. A reverse curve bow, typically associated with target archery, or a compound bow, popular amongst hunters, are the weapons of choice for this sport. Of course, AeroGolf isn’t played with real arrows, rather a state-of-the-art arrow called the “Aero.” Engineered to be safe and fun, the Aero’s patented design keeps both golfers and golf courses safe from harm. The Aero actually has less impact on the green when compared to a golf ball landing from the same distance. And no, crossbows are not allowed! A big bummer for you lazy bunch out there thinking you’ll sit back and fire off a hole in one like it’s no big deal. You’ll have to have a keen eye and a steady hand to find your mark in this sport!

How do you play?

You play AeroGolf akin to how you play regular Golf, but you replace the clubs with a bow and the ball with an Aero! Each player uses the bow to advance by firing an Aero and then shooting again from where that Aero landed until they are able to place the Aero on the green. Once the Aero finds the green, there are two ways you can play, depending on your preference. You can switch from your bow to your putter, replace the Aero with a ball, and putt in, exactly as you would in a normal round of Golf, OR you can measure the distance from your Aero to the pin and assess the scores based on that distance: 0-4 feet = 1 stroke; 4-8 feet = 2 strokes; 4-8 feet [and on the green] = 3 strokes. After the Aero has landed on the green, no further shooting with the Aero is required. You can find the rule book on all things AeroGolf here.

A little bit of history

Archery and golf have been bedfellows for longer than you might think. AeroGolf is a fresh, safe twist on “archery golf,” which has been played on golf courses as early as the 1800s in Scotland. Young Tom Morris rarely lost to another golfer, but he was defeated by archery champion James Wolfe Murray. In the November 1932 issue of the magazine Golfdom, archery golf was said to “supply exercise and amusement to golf members” during the winter off-season around Cleveland, Ohio. With a deeply rooted heritage in the game of golf, AeroGolf has a legitimate claim to entertain both avid golfers and novices with little or no experience, and those for whom Golf is just too intimidating or difficult. The only question left is, where can I play? 

Where can you play?

AeroGolf is a budding sport with 50 courses currently in development across the U.S.

If you’re interested in bringing AeroGolf to a Club near you, you can contact the AeroGolf with this link to request more information or visit aerogolfnetwork.com

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