Make things interesting with this classic side game

Dots (known in some circles as “Junk”) is a game that combines score-based rewards with additional rewards for unique achievements. Think of it as several side bets available on every hole – even if you don’t win the score, you still qualify to win other bets. The name is derived from how players tracked the game on traditional scorecards, but 18Birdies now tracks it for you!


Game Glossary:

Long Drive

Awarded to the player with the longest drive on any par 4 or par 5 hole. Shot must end up in the fairway.

Closest to Pin

Awarded to player with the closest tee shot on a par 3. The ball must be on the green to qualify.

Sand Save

Player must get up and down from a greenside bunker in 2 or less shots.


Player takes only one shot to get in the hole from off the putting surface.


Player gets a green in regulation, defined as on the green within 1 shot on a par 3, 2 shots on a par 4, or 3 shots on a par 5.


Player makes a par without being on the fairway on a par 4 or par 5.

Lowest Score

Player makes lowest score in the group on any given hole.


Player makes a birdie.


Player makes an eagle.


Player makes a hole-in-one.


Game Setup

The game will default to 1 point per dot, but if you feel certain achievements are worth more, you can customize the point values by each achievement by touching the info icon.


Once you save your bet settings, you’re ready to play! Keep score just as you normally would and also click the “Dots” button towards the base of the scoring screen to award dots for things like Long Drive, Closest to Pin, Sand Save, etc. To ease the burden, all score-based achievements will automatically be tracked for the entire group.


To see the status of the game at any point, simply click “Bets Summary” at the base of the scoring screen at any time. You’ll see both scores and dots broken down by hole and totaled by player on the right side.


Have fun and remember: THINK BIRDIES! If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at


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