Elevate your Game with Caddy+

18Birdies has now launched Caddy+, a brand new feature which includes Shot Tracking, Club Recommendations, new Round Summaries and Advanced GPS! These new features were created to help improve your golf experience by making better decisions on the course while giving you a better understanding of your game.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how you can use Caddy+

Step 1. Complete your Virtual Golf Bag- In order to use the Caddy+ features you’ll need to set up your Virtual Golf Bag on your profile page to input the correct yardages for each of your clubs. Once you’ve added this, Caddy+ will be able to give you accurate club recommendations for each shot your take based on total yardage, weather, wind and elevation.

2. Club Recommendation Setup- Once you’re on the golf course, tap the GPS+ tab. As you approach each shot, Caddy+ will display recommendations including distance and club to the front, middle, and back of the green when you’re close enough.  This will help you plan your shots, estimate how far your ball will travel, and determine the best area to land your ball.

3. Track Your Shot- After you hit your shot, tap the ‘Track Shot’ button at the bottom of the screen from the GPS tab to begin tracking your shot. When the shot tracking is in progress you will see the ‘Shot Details’ menu on the right hand side of the screen. Please note: you must be on the course and have GPS enabled to the ‘Track Shot’ option; otherwise it will be grayed out.

4. Drop the Pin- When you arrive at your ball, press the “Drop Pin” button. This sets the landing spot for the shot tracking.

5. Add Shot Details-  Before you confirm your shot, add details to describe the shot, including quality, power, shape, and club.

6. Confirm Your Shot- Once you’ve entered these details, confirm your shot. This will save the shot to your round profile page to share and review later on! Note: If needed, you can correct the starting and ending position of your tracked shots by dragging the blue pins to the correct tee position before confirming your shot)

8. Share with Friends- Feeling great about your last shot? Tap the icon at the top right to share your shot to the 18Birdies Feed and Facebook and brag to your friends! Tap “Back to Round” to track your next shot.

Pro Tip: All saved shots are accessible within the GPS screen by tapping ‘Shots’ or can be accessed via your profile on the ‘Me’ tab.

The 18Birdies app is now available for iPhone and Android devices. Click here for your free download. For more information and content, log onto 18Birdies.com.