18Birdies Makes Tournaments More Social and Expands its Golf Platform with Tournament+


OAKLAND, CA (July 14, 2016) – 18Birdies, the state-of-the-art integrated social golf platform built to enhance the golf experience, announced today that the 18Birdies Tournament+ feature is now available to 18Birdies users. 18Birdies Tournament+ provides golf courses and golfers with an easy-to-use set of tournament features that will support both large and smaller tournaments such as private leagues, golf trips or group outings. Tournament+ also supports different golf formats such as Scramble, Best Ball, team best ball, Individual stroke play and Skins all within the app. Golf courses and golfers can now easily manage tournaments, and provide a live leaderboard like the pros that players can view via the 18Birdies app or web portal. Tournament+ brings a more social approach to golf tournaments by utilizing its Feed feature to share pictures, scores and comments all in real-time via the 18Birdies app. In addition to making Tournament+ tools available within the app, 18Birdies is also introducing a new feature-rich web portal with an expanded set of tools for managing every aspect of a tournament. Tournament+ is available now within the 18Birdies app and is available via iTunes and Google Play.


“Partnering with 18Birdies has streamlined the tournament process and made it easier to manage all of our charity tournaments,” said Chad Hodges, Chairman of the Board, Patriots Honor. “By using the 18Birdies platform, we were able to offer our golfers a more exciting experience through its scoring, live leaderboards and social features. Golfers were able to communicate within the app and see a live leaderboard to know exactly their position in the tournament, which added to the overall excitement.”


18Birdies Tournament+ features include:

  • 18Birdies Tournament+ Formats: Supports different tournament formats such as Skins, Best Ball and Scramble
  • Tournament+ Management Portal: Organizers now have a web-based interface for managing tournaments with tools for setup, managing email invitations, organizing and managing team configurations, managing scores (create, edit or delete) and displaying live leaderboards
  • Live Leaderboards: Easily track gross score, net score, Skins, Best Ball and Scramble formats all within the 18Birdies app platform
  • Live Social Sharing: Tournament organizers and participants can now share scores, pictures, videos and messages in real-time via the 18Birdies Feed
  • Tournament+ Handicap: 18Birdies automatically factors in each player’s handicap index


“We’ve worked closely with tournament organizers, golf courses and players to build a comprehensive tournament solution that is also simple to use,” said Eddy Lui, CEO and Founder, 18Birdies. “Their feedback was integral in building our Tournament+ offering, and we’re thrilled to offer it now to all 18Birdies users.”


With golf courses looking to provide more memorable experiences for their participants, 18Birdies Tournament+ offers a way for golfers in a tournament to stay connected and track each other’s progress and stay up-to-date on overall scores in real-time. For organizers, Tournament+ brings a new social component to tournaments and makes the whole process of setting up and scoring a tournament more efficient. The set-up is complete in just a few steps, and organizers no longer need to input scores manually as everything is happening in real-time via Tournament+.


The 18Birdies app is free and available today for download on Apple iTunes and Google Play.


For Golf Courses:

The 18Birdies integrated social golf platform provides golf courses with tools and technology to innovate the customer experience for their players by providing courses with better ways to connect and engage with local golfers. 18Birdies tracks golfer data and provides courses with tools to better understand their local community.


For more information about the 18Birdies mobile golf platform, contact BD@18birdies.com.


About 18Birdies:

18Birdies is the state-of-the-art integrated social golf platform built to enhance the golf experience. 18Birdies aims to inspire golfers of all ages and skill levels by managing their games, challenging and motivating them through competition, and sharing their experiences with other golfers.


18Birdies provides a simple and intuitive experience that harnesses the power of technology, gaming and social to make golf more innovative, fun and engaging. The 18Birdies mobile golf platform enhances the experience between golfers and the courses they play, growing the golf community.


For more information, please visit www.18Birdies.com.