Should You Track Your Solid Shots in the App? Here are 3 Reasons Why:18 Birdies News

Golf should be fun!

Golf always seems like such a good idea, doesn’t it? Alone time on a quiet course or hanging out with friends, surrounded by nature, and the occasional satisfaction of making such sweet contact with the ball that you can hardly feel it, but can only marvel at the sight of the ball doing exactly what you wanted it to do.

Moments like these aside, we all know the frustrations that comes along with golf, as well. Playing golf can be an emotional roller coaster for many, and yet we golfers return to the links every weekend to savor those sweet shots. We remember a few great shots, savor them, and keep playing the game in hopes of recapturing that feeling.

We can help you recapture that feeling.

That’s why we created our new Solid Shot stat. Once you've crushed that drive, striped your 7 iron, or pulled off that miraculous fade around the trees, simply tap the Solid Shot button at the bottom of the GPS screen to add that shot to your round stats.

Simply put, Solid Shots are the ones that feel and sound great. With our Solid Shots counter, you can record every Solid Shot you hit during your round – and watch them add up as you play. Plus, you're in charge - you decide what a Solid Shot is based on your personal game and ability.

A new feel-good stat to help improve your game.

In addition to the emotional benefits of the new feature, it also serves as a serious game improvement tool. The new Solid Shot feature gives users a way to assess where they typically hit their best shots. Is it with a particular club? Is it when the hole has a certain layout? Is there anything that mentally goes through your mind before you hit that shot, that then results in a more pure stroke?

Solid Shot allows you to look back at those bright moments from your round, and process what actually led to the shot being “solid.” This provides users an opportunity to evaluate how to potentially change their strategy or approach in the future. You can gather inferences and insights about your game that you may not have known before, and then apply those to improving your performance on the course.

Most times on the course, we don’t know how to track our progression. You could be in the midst of an amazing round, and then hit a ball out of bounds, and another ball in a hazard, and then all of the sudden you look at your scorecard and think “that wasn't a very good round.” In reality, you hit a handful of fantastic shots, but a couple of bounces just didn't go your way.

Solid Shot can be useful in trying to evaluate and understand your own progression. If your number of Solid Shots is going up every round, that will inevitably lead to a decreased score – but first you need to track that. Tracking Solid Shots will help golfers of all abilities to assess the problems in their game and decide where to focus their concentration on at the range or on the practice green.

"Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course – the distance between your ears."

Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones, one of the most influential figures in the history of golf, once said, "Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course – the distance between your ears." With our new Solid Shot feature, you can stabilize your mental game, while simultaneously gathering insights that are sure to improve your performance and experience on the golf course.

Using the Solid Shot feature is completely free, and is now one of the many ways you can track and enjoy your game beyond the scorecard. Learn more about how to use the feature and give it a try on your next round!

If you're not already using 18Birdies while on the golf course, download it from the App Store or Google Play or get a link to download it now.

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