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18Birdies is proud to introduce Always Go For The Green as an official brand partner and 18Birdies Athlete!

Tanner is a Western Golf Association (WGA) Evans Scholar/Caddy graduate from the University of Wisconsin. His content includes the original golf hack along with various satire and a fresh look at the lighter side of the sport we love, along with fun 18Birdies clips/videos.  

Tanner has spent his life infatuated with two semi-adjacent interests, weather, and golf. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in atmospheric science and minor in environmental studies in 2015.

Tanner has been a meteorologist in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area ever since. While weather is his day job, golf is a close second. Using his background in meteorology, Tanner often gains an edge on the competition by using what he knows in humidity, temperature, and wind’s impact on the golf ball.

Since joining the 18 Birdies family, Tanner now has the app to calculate such factors automatically, and you can too!

@alwaysgoforthegreen Link to app that calculates live weather in bio! People underestimate the cold! #golf #golftiktok #weather ♬ Bad Day - Daniel Powter

When he is not forecasting the weather, Tanner is on the golf course practicing or playing in local events.

Recently, with his playing partner Nick Lesser, took first place in a two-man scramble event shooting -10, with a wild finish of 9-under in the final 8 holes.

With the help of crowd sourced analytics, Tanner can turn to the 18Birdies App for insights. His favorite is the variation in scores based on directional misses off the tee. We all miss fairways at times, so the added advantage of knowing which way to miss is one of the keys to going low.

@alwaysgoforthegreen Link to app in bio. Sometimes managing a miss is just as important as hitting it straight. #golf #golftiktok ♬ Potion - Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa & Young Thug

The captivating and sometimes aggravating aspect of golf is we spend our entire lives looking to improve.

Just look at the best players in the world, some spending 10-12 hours a day with a team of swing coaches to continuously make tweaks to the golf swing. It’s exhausting sometimes, right?!

Well fear not, the new artificial intelligence (AI) swing coach within the 18Birdies App can help! Costing pennies on the dollar compared to hiring your own personal swing coach, the AI swing coach might just be the added leg up to take your swing and game to the next level. 

@alwaysgoforthegreen The App is free, link in bio. #golf #golfswing #golfcoach ♬ Blinding Lights - The Weeknd

Follow Tanner and his channel, Always Go For The Green, using the links below!

Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@alwaysgoforthegreen 

Instagram: (click on Reels): https://www.instagram.com/tannerverstegen/


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