Lower Body Stabilization Drill for a Better BackswingFeatured

Are you using your lower body correctly throughout your swing? Many players struggle with solid contact. The culprit: swaying in your backswing. The result: too much pressure in that back foot and players are forced to come over the top of the ball, resulting in poor contact and a poor swing!

Let's stop the sway! My easy drill will show you how to use your lower body effectively in your swing by forcing you to rotate instead of sway.

Want to try it out? Take a club, flip it upside down, and place the top of the shaft against your back heel and the clubface against your hip. Think about applying pressure into that clubface and keep the knee stable as you start your backswing. Practice that move at home, at the gym, at work, at the range, or before your round and watch your swing improve!


To catch more of my tips, check out my drill on squaring your clubface for better impact and more in the 18Birdies app!

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