Upper Body Rotation Exercise to Improve Your Golf SwingFeatured

Golf fitness is often overlooked, but not here at 18Birdies! At the very core of any golf game is, well, your core. The ability to stabilize your core, generate power, and rotate properly are crucial to improving your golf game.

Understanding the basics of rotation and being able to rotate your upper half independently of your lower half is a critical part of the game, and something many golfers don't spend enough time practicing.

Luckily, there are many drills you can easily do at the gym, office, home, or on the course! Here's a great exercise to add to your workout routine to improve your swing and learn how to stabilize your lower body while rotating with your upper body using a medicine ball. Try it out before your next round:

If you're not at the gym, here's an upper body rotation drill you can do at home.

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