Warming up before any exercise is vital. Yet so many golfers don’t take the time to add this to their routine. A good warmup will help to increase blood circulation and body temperature, gently increase the heart rate, and warm and loosen your muscles to prepare them for the specific movements they will be required to perform.

For most golfers, the warmup consists of a few quick practice swings on the first tee. But taking a little bit more time with the warmup and performing a few simple drills will help you play better golf with a lower risk of injury. In this video, I’ll show you a simple warmup routine you can do before every round or driving range session.

This warm-up routine is part of my “Move Better, Feel Better, Play Better!” series of video lessons. The whole series is available to 18Birdies Premium Members in the app. Check it out in the 18Birdies App and pretty soon you’ll be gaining strength and flexibility, and playing your best golf.