18Birdies and SuperSpeed Golf Team Up for August DreamGamesNews & Entertainment

Who wants to get their Driver moving faster and crush the ball off the tee? You're in luck because we are joining forces with SuperSpeed Golf for August DreamGames! Together we are handing out 15 SuperSpeed Golf Training Systems to lucky DreamGames winners.

SuperSpeed Golf is based on the concept of Overload/Underload Training, which has been used in sports for hundreds of years. Common examples are in Track and field sports such as Javelin Throw, and most recently in Baseball with pitchers using lighter and heavier baseballs to increase arm speed. This great training concept has then been applied and optimized it for golf.

This training is not about swing mechanics or specifically about fitness.  It is a neurological training that works to improve the reaction speed of the body when the player pulls the trigger on the golf swing.

Each SuperSpeed set comes with three specifically weighted clubs based on the player's driver weight and 1 years worth of training protocols.

superspeed golf

The training works by first getting the body moving faster during the golf swing by reducing the weight of the club. Then weight is added back during this short, but intense 6-8 minute training session. The player starts with our green club, which is 20% lighter than their normal driver. Players can swing this club as much 20% faster than their normal club speed. In just a few swings on the dominant and non-dominant side, the player’s normal reaction speed of the swing resets to this new, much faster speed. Next is the blue club, which is 10% lighter than the driver. The player will still be swinging this about 15% faster than the normal swing.

Finally, the player moves to the red club, which is 5% heavier than the normal driver. Using a heavy club by itself will actually slow the player down. However, because of the neuromuscular speed reset that the golfer just went through with the two light clubs, SuperSpeed finds that the player will still be swinging this heavier club about 10-12% faster than their normal swing. This is why the training is termed “OverSpeed” training.

Once the player goes back and hits a ball after the training, adding back in the skill elements of the sport, SuperSpeed observes an average 5% gain in swing speed after the first session. This will become permanent for the player in 4-6 weeks of regular training.

superspeed golf

Want to train like the pros? About half of the touring professionals in the world currently work with SuperSpeed programs, and now with 18Birdies DreamGames you can too!

Play DreamGames in the 18Birdies app for your shot at a SuperSpeed Golf Training System, and be sure to check back to see more August DreamGames prizes!


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