Matrix Shafts Returns for September DreamGames

The 18Birdies Team is excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Matrix Shafts once again in our September DreamGame Giveaway!  18Birdies users now have a chance win one of four Matrix MARU Series shafts this month in our Arnold Palmer Invitational DreamGame! Winners will be able to choose from three different shaft models to match their individual swing. Are you ready to start hitting the ball further? Check out what Matrix Shafts has to say about their latest line of shafts.

Matrix Speed Ops Design Group has engineered three mid-launching and mid-spinning shaft profiles, utilizing Gradient Energy Flow(GEF) technology to produce Tour-type trajectory and maximize ball speed. Each shaft has been specifically designed to optimize feel and performance based on swing type and speed.

MARU GREEN: Soft butt and active tip sections create an incredibly responsive feel without sacrificing control. Easy to hit and easy to launch. Ideal for a wide range of smooth tempo swing speeds.

MARU BLUE: Designed with a stiff butt and responsive tip section to create firm, yet balanced EI profile. Ideal for stronger players, with a faster release, looking for outstanding stability without sacrificing feel.

MARU RED: Stout overall profile with an extra-stiff tip section. Ideal for more aggressive, high-swing speed players that heavily load the shaft, and prefer a firm controlled feel.

You can listen to Matrix Shafts CEO Chris Elson talk about to talk about their latest line of MARU shafts, how many yards of extra distance a shaft upgrade can actually be worth, pros using their equipment, the craziest thing he’s seen on the course, and lots more! Listen here:

To learn more about the Matrix shafts, check out

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