18Birdies Pairs with Swiftwick for May DreamGamesNews & Entertainment

May DreamGames is packed with partners to make your experience on the course enjoyable and comfortable, so you can focus on your golf game. That's why 18Birdies is partnering with Swiftwick to give 200 lucky winners a pair of game-changing socks!

Most golfers research golf shoe technology for hours and don’t think twice about spending $150 on a pair of golf shoes in the constant quest for a lower score. So, why do these same golfers buy a 6-pack of loose-fitting, highly absorbent cotton socks? All it takes is an early tee time and thick dew to soak these socks and ruin the rest of your round. Chances are you will be taking home a blister, not a lower score. Finding the right performance sock to work with your golf shoe, not against it, is time well spent.

Marathon runners have been wearing performance socks for years. They are on their feet for 4-6 hours at a time, so they need a durable product with superior fit and moisture control. Golfers spend the same amount of time on their feet, often in changing weather conditions. The average round of golf takes about 4.5-5 hours, and if you walk the golf course, you can expect to log about 6-7 miles during the course of a round.  Golfers need a contoured fit and moisture wicking materials to remain as dry and comfortable on the 18th green as they were on the first tee!

Swiftwick has been committed to providing the best socks that golfers will ever wear for 10 years. All Swiftwick socks are sustainably produced in the USA. Swiftwick focuses on your feet so you can focus on your game!

For your chance to try these out, play DreamGames in the 18Birdies App!


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