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18Birdies and CHIPPO are back by popular demand to turn up the heat on those backyard parties, tailgates, and offices. Once again, CHIPPO is joining DreamGames, this time for August, to hand out two awesome DreamGames prizes!

Chippo is the viral new golf game for beach, backyard, tailgate, office and clubhouse - a mind-blowing mash-up of golf and traditional backyard games! It combines the old-fashioned, beer-slugging, tailgate-dominating, sunshine-basking goodness of games like cornhole with the gentlemanly, giddiness-inducing, side-betting beauty of golf.


Chippo is the only backyard game where you can work over your buddies while working on your short game - revolutionary! Each set comes with two turf covered boards, two chipping mats, and six high-density foam practice balls. Steel legs fold under and chipping mats fit perfectly into a compartment built into the underside of each board for easy storage and transportation. Winner of the Best New Product Award at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show. Good times guaranteed.

Hold on, we aren't done yet! If you thought combining cornhole and golf was about a headcover that's also a bottle opener? A bottle opener that's also an earring? A headcover that’s also a Hippo...that's also a puppet? That's also the Chief Puppet Officer of Chippo Golf? That could also potentially be your new best friend?

chippo hippo

At Chippo Golf, they combine cool stuff to make even cooler stuff. It's what they do. There are also only 100 of these in existence, Daphne's (the world's number one maker of animal headcovers) discontinued making Hippo headcovers years ago. Some might call this incredible creature an endangered species. Want to own a piece of history? Of course, you do!

So head over to DreamGames for your chance to win one of 10 CHIPPO's and 10 CHIPPO HIPPO Headcovers! July DreamGames is the place to be, check back for even more summer prizes.

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