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A Look Back at 2023: Your Golf Year in Review
Discover how the 18Birdies app helps you embrace your golf achievements of 2023. Review your performance, set goals for 2024, and keep up with the latest golf trends. Download now and start improving your game today!
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Master The Elements Using Plays Like Distances
Gone are the days of estimating shots based solely on flat yardage. 18Birdies' Plays Like Distances bring a scientific edge to your game, accounting for the dynamic range of environmental factors. The wind, that invisible opponent, is now a friend gently guiding your shot. Elevation changes become calculated advantages, not daunting obstacles. Temperature and air density cease to be mere afterthoughts, emerging as crucial players in determining your shot's distance. With Plays Like, you're not just hitting a ball; you're mastering the elements and the course to reach the perfect shot at the pin.
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Plan your next golf round with the Round Scheduler in the 18Birdies app
Are you tired of the hassle of trying to coordinate golf rounds with your friends? The Round Scheduler feature in 18Birdies empowers you to schedule a future round at a specific course and time, and invite your friends to join you.
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The new 18Birdies smartwatch experience has arrived!
The new 18Birdies Watch experience has arrived providing a seamless and independent experience This includes synchronization and connection enhancements, wind and elevation-adjusted distances, and shot tracking all from your wrist.
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3D Green Maps are here for 18Birdies!
Imagine never missing a hidden break in a putt or a slope on an approach shot again. With 18Birdies' 3D Green Maps, this becomes your reality. Transforming the way you experience golf, 3D Green Maps provide a detailed perspective of putt breaks, approach shots, and chip shots.
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GPS distances on your Apple Watch are finally here! 🙌
We're excited to introduce GPS distances on your Apple Watch with the 18Birdies app! Here's everything you need to know: The GPS distances on your Apple Watch are based on the location of your watch, not your phone. This means that you don't have to carry your phone around on the course to get accurate distances.
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Stay connected with your golfing community with the new 18Birdies Community tab
We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Community tab in the 18Birdies app. This update is designed to improve your experience and help you stay connected with your golfing community. With the Community tab, you will be able to easily manage your leagues and tournaments, follow your friends, view their scores, and stay up-to-date with all the latest activities in your golfing circles. Let’s take a closer look at the key changes:
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Golf Leagues and Groups are Live in 18Birdies!
With 18Birdies, you can manage your league or tournament in one place, making it easier and more efficient for you to do your job. No more spending time on tedious spreadsheets or multiple software programs. Our new golf league management tool is designed to help golf tournament & league organizers manage all of the aspects of their leagues & golf tournaments with ease.
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Tee off the New Year with your 2022 End of Year Golf Summary and 18Birdies update 13.15!
We're happy to introduce an update to 18Birdies, the #1 rated golf GPS and scorecard app! With app version 13.15, 18Birdies has amazing new features that will help you reflect on your golf highlights from 2022 and set scoring goals to continue improving in 2023. The End Of Year Summary lets you view your performance from the past year, such as your best scores, courses, and more. With Scoring Goals, you can set a goal and 18Birdies will automatically set Targets for each round of golf you play.
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18Birdies v13.13 Tournament Update
Your next tournament outing just got easier. Disable skins carryover is back along with the introduction of more player management tools. We're committed to improving your ability to manage group outings with ease. Our latest release was focused on improving your tournament experience.  Ready to manage your next tournament?
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Available now: A fully revamped tournament system for 18Birdies app version 13.10
We've received great feedback, and we've used it to improve tournaments. A fully revamped version of the 18Birdies tournament feature has been released. This update includes a bunch of cool new features and some major improvements as a result of feedback from 18Birdies golfers.
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