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In a world where golfers are always looking for the next step in their game improvement journey, the launch of the 18Birdies Golf School stands out as an innovative and personalized learning experience.

18Birdies Golf School revolutionizes how golfers approach their improvement by offering personalized drills & lesson plans, AI golf swing analysis, and a community-driven approach that connects peers and coaches in an interactive Golf Arena.

Download the 18Birdies golf app to begin your golf game transformation with 18Birdies Golf School!

Exploring the 18Birdies Golf School

Comprehensive Learning for All Skill Levels

18Birdies Golf School offers a wide range of resources and tools designed to cater to golfers at every skill level, from beginners to experienced players.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to refine your skills, the 18Birdies Golf School is equipped to support your growth.

Key Features and Enhancements in the 18Birdies Golf School

Key enhancements include advanced analytics to track progress, personalized lesson plans, and interactive tools for real-time feedback. These features are designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience that helps golfers understand and improve their game.

How to Get Started in 18Birdies Golf School

Getting started is straightforward. Simply download the 18Birdies app, sign up for the Golf School, and begin exploring the various modules and resources available.

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Personalized Golf Improvement Plan

To create a personalized improvement plan, we’ll take a short survey of your areas of improvement, including your swing mechanics and course management. After a few brief questions, the 18Birdies Golf School matches the golfer’s needs with drills & lessons from the 18Birdies instructor library.

Selection of Focus Areas Based on Individual Needs

The personalized improvement plan then provides video tips to explain the identified issues and offers drills to correct them. These drills are integrated into a daily practice routine, ensuring that they align with the golfer's schedule. To help keep golfers on track, we’ll send a notification when a practice session or drill is scheduled.

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Track Your Progress and Measurement of Success

The personalized improvement plan includes a system for tracking game improvement and mastering the swing through tailored drills & lessons. Completing these drills contributes to the continuous improvement and reinforcement of techniques.

Improving Your Golf Skills with Advanced Learning Tools

Golf IQ: Hub for learning the ins and outs of golf

18Birdies Golf IQ serves as a central hub for enhancing your golf knowledge, offering Quiz Challenges and over 60 unique educational videos. These resources are tailored to fit into any schedule, allowing for flexible learning at your own pace.  

AI Swing Analysis: Identify swing flaws and get instant feedback

The 18Birdies AI Swing Analyzer provides immediate feedback on your golf swing, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. This tool is designed for use anytime and anywhere, simplifying the process of refining your swing with or without a club.

Video Learning: Customized videos for personalized learning

Each video in the Golf IQ library is concise, ensuring that you can easily incorporate learning into your daily routine. These videos are specifically crafted to address various aspects of golf, providing targeted insights and drills.


Golf Arena: Connect with a Community of Peers and Coaches

Importance of having an Accountability Group

At 18Birdies, the Golf Arena promotes a vibrant community where golfers can engage with peers and coaches, creating an accountability group that is crucial for consistent improvement. Players can share their experiences and see how they rank on the student-peer leaderboard, gaining insights and encouragement from others who are also on their golfing journey.

Connecting with coaches and peers for improved learning

18Birdies Golf School allows golfers to connect with coaches through unique links or QR codes, enabling personalized interaction and guidance. Learn more about Coach Connect in 18Birdies Golf School.

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Feedback loop: Sharing and receiving tips for continuous improvement

18Birdies emphasizes the importance of a feedback loop where golfers can send swing videos to their coaches and receive detailed analyses and tips for improvement. This continuous exchange of feedback helps golfers identify and work on specific areas, ensuring effective and targeted development in their skills.

Download 18Birdies and try 18Birdies Golf School for free!

18Birdies is always free to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.



Is the 18Birdies App available for free?

Yes, the 18Birdies App can be downloaded and used for free. It includes features like GPS, scoring, stat recording, and the ability to connect with friends. Although there is a Premium membership option that offers additional features, users are not obligated to upgrade and can enjoy many benefits with the free version.

What is 18Birdies Golf School?

18Birdies Golf School is an innovative and personalized learning experience designed for golf enthusiasts. It aims to revolutionize how golfers approach their improvement by offering tailored lessons, advanced learning tools, and a community-driven approach. The platform is committed to fostering a golf community that values growth, learning, and the joy of golf.

Who is the 18Birdies Golf School for?

The 18Birdies Golf School is designed to cater to a diverse audience, from beginners to experienced players. It offers customized content that resonates with individuals at all skill levels, providing tools and resources that are accessible and effective for everyone.

What are the Key Features of 18Birdies Golf School?

The key features of 18Birdies Golf School include advanced analytics to track progress, personalized lesson plans, interactive tools for real-time feedback, Golf IQ for learning the ins and outs of golf, AI Swing Analysis for identifying swing flaws, and the Golf Arena for connecting with a community of peers and coaches.

How do I Get Started in 18Birdies Golf School?

Getting started in 18Birdies Golf School is straightforward. Simply download the 18Birdies app, sign up for the Golf School, and begin exploring the various modules and resources available. The platform is user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to start their journey towards better golfing.

How Does 18Birdies Golf School Help Improve Golf Skills?

18Birdies Golf School helps improve golf skills by offering personalized improvement plans that involve a thorough analysis of the golfer's swing, tracking progress and measuring success, providing advanced learning tools such as Golf IQ and AI Swing Analysis, and fostering a community through the Golf Arena for continuous improvement and reinforcement of techniques.

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