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We're thrilled to announce we've launched the 18Birdies Handicap! It's completely Free, all you have to do is score one round of golf or more in 18Birdies and you'll instantly get an 18Birdies Handicap.

Download the 18Birdies app here to get your free handicap

Each time you play another 9 or 18 holes of golf, enter your score into the App, and your handicap will be updated.  The more rounds you play, the more accurate your handicap will be.  Once you have entered at least 20 rounds of 9 or 18 holes, only your most recent 20 rounds will be used to calculate your current handicap.  That’s it, simple as that!

Why do I need an 18Birdies Handicap?

The 18Birdies Handicap is the perfect way to understand how you've been progressing over time based on the courses you've played. It's also a great way to level the playing field when you're playing with friends from various skill levels.

The lower a player’s handicap is indicates their potential to shoot lower scores. If you typically shoot in the 90s or 100s for 18 holes, a handicap gives you a way to compete fairly against your friend who shoots around par. This way everyone in your foursome can compete against each other in a fair manner.

You'll find your handicap in the Stats tab. After each round you play, you'll see an update of how your 18Birdies Handicap has changed based on your score. 9-hole and 18-hole rounds are both counted towards your handicap calculation from courses worldwide.

If you have several old scorecards lying around that you'd like to add, you can quickly do this using the 'Enter Past Rounds' section of the Stats tab. Get your 18Birdies Handicap today!

Download the 18Birdies app here to get your free handicap

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