18Birdies App Update 7.5: New Scoring Interface & Strokes Gained18Birdies News

Not all of us can be professional golfers, but with the 18Birdies app update, we will have you feeling like one!

Improved Stats and Strokes Gained

We’re excited to bring you pro-level stats, completely free. Strokes gained statistics are no longer reserved for the pros, with our new strokes gained scoring system you too can uncover great insights about your game with 18Birdies.

For those that are unfamiliar with strokes gained, it is a way to measure a golfer’s performance on the course against a set of other golfers (of various skill levels) to help a golfer figure out where he/she is losing or gaining strokes.

Learn more about how it works in the mobile app and on your Apple Watch by visiting our detailed knowledge base article.

New Scoring Interface

We’ve enhanced the design of our app's scoring interface to deliver you a full view of your round all on one page. Check out some of the highlights below and update the app to see all the great improvements yourself!
  • During round set up you now have two different scoring options:
    • Classic Scoring: Nothing has changed here! Track your score and stats for each hole. If you’d prefer to not keep score, you can easily use the GPS without any scoring
    • Strokes Gained Scoring: Get pro-level insights on every aspect of your game scoring with strokes gained. For each shot you record, you will see a +/- strokes gained number that is compared to golfers of your similar skill level.
  • GPS+ is now front and center. Use it directly from the scoring screen or tap to expand it for a full-screen view
  • All Side Games information is displayed in a clean and easy to read interface. No more extra taps to see who’s up or down in the round
  • Easily see your Targets and how you’re progressing throughout your round
Don't forget to check back with more 18Birdies app updates to elevate your golf lifestyle!

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