Welcome to the 18Birdies blog and thanks for wanting to learn more about our mobile golf platform. 18Birdies has officially launched today at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.

You may be asking yourself – “What is 18Birdies?”

18Birdies is the premier mobile and social golf platform that is powering the next generation of golf technology. The highly awaited 18Birdies golf platform provides golfers with an easy-to-use mobile app and provides courses with a leading edge course management system. 18Birdies has a unique opportunity to reimagine the golf experience and inspire golfers of all generations to enhance their game, share their experiences with friends and increase their enjoyment of golf via the 18Birdies mobile golf platform.

For Golfers:

18Birdies enhances golfers’ experiences through an easy-to-use mobile app and tools that help better manage their game and make golf more social, competitive and fun. Most golf apps currently on the market are focused solely on one aspect of the game such as GPS or scorekeeping or tee-time booking. 18Birdies noticed this and designed its mobile app to be a one-stop shop for every golfer. By combining all of these features, 18Birdies makes it easy for golfers to access all of the tools they will need both on and off the course.

Did we mention that this is all free to the golfer?

18Birdies Features for Golfers Include:


18Birdies Connect

  • The 18Birdies platform supports social networking between friends, the golf community, and courses, featuring on and off-course communication. Whether it is between groups of players on different holes or different courses, it’s a place where players can share their highlights (and lowlights) in a fun way.
  • Courses can communicate with their players to better understand their local golf community and connect with them.


  • 18Birdies enables golfers to compete on a variety of levels, and allows golfers to play an array of side games including Skins, Strokes, Nassau and more.


  • Dynamic leaderboards allow golfers to compare performance with their friends and others local golfers who play the same courses.

18Birdies GPS+

  • 18Birdies GPS+ system offers high-resolution satellite views of the course provided by the Google Maps system – 18Birdies is fully integrated with Google Maps SDK.
  • Location information is mapped to specific course features like tee box and green locations through our extensive database of course information.

18Birdies Blind Shot Compass

  • When the green or pin aren’t visible from where your ball lies, the 18Birdies Blind Shot compass takes risk out of the equation by providing the ability to explore alternate distances and directional options for the next shot.

18Birdies Scoring Features

  • No more cluttered scorecards, the 18Birdies scoring system is easy-to-use and nonintrusive – giving golfers a perfect system to track scores, handicaps and side games, while not taking away from the moment.
  • With the 18Birdies “Captain” feature, one person can keep score for the entire group. Other players can view scores with real-time on-course updating. Life time score information is tracked and used to calculate handicaps.

For Courses:

The 18Birdies mobile golf platform provides courses with tools and technology to connect and engage with their local golf community, and in turn innovate the game for golfers. By leveraging 18Birdies player data to understand who these golfers are, how they’re playing and what they are saying, courses now have access to a wealth of data and an incredibly valuable set of consumer insights that is currently unavailable anywhere else in the golf industry. The 18Birdies’ mobile app is uniquely designed to appeal to a technology-savvy younger generation of golfers – a key growth group golf courses otherwise have few ways of reaching.

At PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando? If so, we would love for you to attend our launch party at Club 39! Please click here to RSVP.

Questions or comments? Feel free email jeremy@18Birdies.com.

Look forward to hearing from you all!