18Birdies Teams Up with Swiftwick for July DreamGames18Birdies News

18Birdies is bringing back a DreamGames partner for the month of July. That's right, Swiftwick socks are so good, we had to round them up for another month!

Swiftwick is a Made in USA performance sock company committed to providing the best socks you will ever wear guaranteed. All Swiftwick socks are built with moisture-wicking performance fibers in breathable designs to keep you dry on the course. They will hug the contours of your foot, which means no voids or bunching in your golf shoe. Before your next tee time, check us out. Your feet will thank you!

Anything that enhances your golf game is worth it, right? That’s why you research golf shoe technology and invest in the best pair you can find – to boost performance and comfort. Swiftwick thinks the same goes for the socks that you wear on the course.

Swiftwick ASPIRE
Just like marathon runners wear the best socks to keep feet dry, compressed and comfortable, performance socks for golfers deliver the same benefits to keep your game strong until the last hole. Whether the first tee or the 6-7 miles to the back nine, you need a durable product with superior fit and moisture control.

Swiftwick socks provide that critical performance link between you and your technical golf footwear. Developed by carefully selecting high-performance fibers that inherently wick moisture and then sculpt them into breathable designs to keep you dry for 18 holes. Swiftwick's goal is a perfect fit every time so you are stable and comfortable over the ball. These socks will support the contours of your foot, which means no voids, bunching or blisters. Swiftwick focus on your feet so you can focus on your game.

Here are Swiftwick's top picks for golfers who want comfort on the green:

PURSUIT Zero (No-Show): Merino Wool is nature's original technical fiber. It is a 4-season fiber providing warmth during cool morning rounds and cooling on hot summer days. The unique structure of Merino Wool absorbs moisture without feeling soggy or losing the ability to regulate temperature. Swiftwick PURSUIT™ is engineered with fine-gauge Merino Wool which produces a soft, no-itch feel. Available in 6 cuff heights.



Swiftwick MAXUS
MAXUS Zero (No-Show): Swiftwick MAXUS™ is ideal for golfers who desire plush comfort without compromising fit and performance. It delivers compression performance benefits you can feel in a relaxed comfortable fit. The footbed is constructed using high volume fibers that wick moisture 40% better than competitive materials with a thin Olefin upper to increase breathability. Available in two cuff heights and many colors.
PERFORMANCE Zero (No-Show): Swiftwick PERFORMANCE™ is built for durability. The original Swiftwick sock is a medium cushion and moderate compression option that will endure the demands of a 36-hole day. A Nylon reinforced heel and toe provides maximum durability in high-abrasion areas, while lightweight Olefin fiber wicks moisture and offers remarkable strength for added longevity. Available in six cuff heights.

With a variety of other fits, Swiftwick is committed to making your feet happy on and off the course. For your chance to win a pair tailored to your needs, play DreamGames in the 18Birdies app!

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