Game Improvement: Meet 18Birdies Instructor Trevor AndersonFeatured

Here at 18Birdies, we have a group of top instructors just waiting to give you advice on how to improve your game. Whether you need accuracy off the tee or help in the gym, our instructors know where to start.

With a wealth of knowledge right at your fingertips, we would like to introduce you to the Team! First up, the man who is here to get your body right for the course: Multi-Sport Performance Expert, Trevor Anderson!

Name: Trevor Anderson, CSCS

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Years Golfing: 20

Years Instructing: 14

What’s in the bag?: Callaway Apex Irons (4-PW), Callaway Epic Driver/3Wood, Callaway XHot 3 and 4 Hybrid, Callaway 54/58 Mack Daddy Wedges, Odyssey Putter

Do you teach any professionals? Yes, I work with a variety of professional athletes from golfers to football players. Follow me on 18Birdies and Instagram for more!

What is your favorite golf memory? Getting a Hole in One on a Par 3 course (because it was with my son)

What is your teaching philosophy? If you improve your movement, you will improve your performance

What is the most common error you see with a new golfer? Making the club the priority, rather than the body.

What do you want players to get out of your lesson plans? I want them to get a good understanding of how to move the body better, and to improve the movements associated with the golf swing to improve, and enjoy the game more.

Any closing words of wisdom? Improve your swing and your game with your BODY, not the golf club…move your body well, and the club will follow. Focus on IMPROVEMENT, not perfection. And commit to getting a little BETTER EVERY DAY!

Want to learn from Trevor? Click on the Marketplace tab in the 18Birdies app and start improving now!

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