New Side Game: Oner (One-er)

This new customizable side game allows players and groups to create one-time bets within a round. Bets can be either head-to-head or team-based matchups. What people play for is completely up to you! Take a look at the example below where two players are playing for beers.


Damage Report

Damage Report is an easy way for groups playing side games to understand how their bets are progressing throughout a round.  No matter if users are giving strokes, playing Dots, Vegas, and Skins (even all at the same time!) it’s easy to understand the damage that’s being done, without any complicated math! (see 2nd phone screen above)

Improved GPS+

You gave us feedback, we listened! Now the GPS target distances have been adjusted to you can see clearly and simply what the distances are to the front, middle, and back of the green. (See below)



Improved Scorecard 

We’ve improved our scorecard layout to include “Out” and “In” totals after nine and 18 holes. Take a look at the examples below.


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