Improve Your Golf Game and Health with a Rotational ExerciseFeatured

An important part of your golf game is what you do outside of the course. Staying active, dynamic, and healthy is key to performing your best on the course - so it's time to get those heart rates up!

Here's a moderate compound drill to get the blood flowing while also helping you on the course. Compound exercises are incredible muscle and endurance builders because they work multiple muscles or muscle groups at the same time.

In this drill, we are starting with a plank, which fires up your core, shoulders, and glutes, and adding a functional element. Adding the burpee helps to engage your legs (quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves) and incorporating a rotational jump adds that functional element that is crucial to your golf swing.

This move teaches your body how to perform multiple functions, reorganize and then do those motions another time. Translate that to your golf swing, and it's the same as going from your backswing to your forward swing!

The video is part of my “Golf Fitness” series of video lessons. The whole series is available to 18Birdies Premium Members in the app. Check it out in the 18Birdies App and pretty soon you’ll be in great shape and playing better golf.


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