New Headcover Drill for Increased SpeedFeatured

Last week we went through a lower body stabilization drill for a better backswing. Your backswing is so important to success, that we're sticking with the theme again for this week! This is a drill you've probably come across or even tried throughout your golf journey: the headcover drill. You know it - grab your driver headcover, stick it under your armpit and don't let it drop until you've finished your backswing.

Here's what you might not know. That drill can cause bad habits. Here's the problem. If you try to keep the headcover under your arm the entire time, it causes your backswing to be very narrow and flat. That action leads to even more problems when you start bringing your club forward.

But don't throw this drill away yet! Just tweak it slightly and you have a great drill to bring to the course. Put the headcover under your arm. The initial takeaway should keep everything tight, the headcover remains under your arm. However, that headcover should drop as you move your club past parallel. What this drill does is solidify the importance of keeping your arm and chest tight at the start of your backswing while encouraging width at the top of your swing.

With the fall and winter weather creeping in, you can give this one a try at home as well as on the course!

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