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Workouts to Help You Gain Distance: Dynamic Hip MobilityClubhouse

Editor's Note: Yes, winter is here. But that's no excuse to start slacking on your game improvement! In order to keep your golf game up to par (or below if you put the practice in!) during the winter months, we've put together a series of exercises and stretches to improve your mental, physical, and strategic parts of your game. Make sure you check back every week for the next set of drills, so you can continue to get better, even if you’re not on the course or the range.

"Hip mobility is possibly one of the best assets that a golfer can have," says Trevor Anderson, golf fitness guru to some of the best in the PGA and LPGA. If you want to rotate well, the hips have to be working. Having an understanding of "how to load on our backside and get to our impact position" is key for a controlled swing. Watch and follow along with this video to help improve critical elements of your golf swing.

Ready to take your game to the next level? Do this set of exercises along with the four workouts below (just 20 minutes in total!) 2-3 times per week and you'll be all set to hit the course and show off your new and improved swing:

Workouts to Help You Gain Distance: Dynamic Balance & StabilityWorkouts to Gain Distance: Lower Body Separation & Sequence