18Birdies and GQ Come Together for a Stylish September DreamGamesNews & Entertainment

Unfortunately, you can't be out on the course 24/7. So, we got to thinking that September DreamGames needs a great prize for when you aren't on the course. That's where GQ comes in! You read that right, we are partnering with the famous magazine to giveaway 146 one-year subscriptions.

GQ Cover

Want to see the latest trends in fashion? GQ is there for you. What about in-depth sports profiles? GQ also has you covered. Looking for a go-to dinner spot? Yes, also in the magazine. Looks like you've just found your one-stop-shop for all things fashion, style, food & drink, sports, entertainment and so much more. GQ keeps you up to date all in one place.

GQ Shoes

Crafted with wit, humor, and integrity GQ knows how to create engaging articles to keep readers knowledgeable about the latest in every industry and coming back for more. It's ok to put down your clubs every once in a while, as long as your picking up a GQ magazine!

Take a look at our grand prize for September DreamGames, and check back for even more great giveaways.

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