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Your next tournament outing just got easier.

Disable skins carryover is back along with the introduction of more player management tools. 

We're committed to improving your ability to manage group outings with ease. Our latest release was focused on improving your tournament experience. 

Ready to manage your next tournament? 

Our latest feature update

The return of disable skins carryover

Can we get a mulligan? The ability to disable skins carryover is back. Just turn on skins for your next event and you’ll see the option to disable carryover. 

More flexibility with live leaderboards 

Once an event starts, as a tournament creator you’ll have the ability to edit your leaderboards, including edit player handicap, edit scores, remove or add players. 

Managing invites

When you invite players using the invite link, the invite will include tournament details including tournament name, course, and date. 

Share live leaderboards with the gallery

For those who want to follow the results but not join the event, gallery code has been replaced by leaderboard sharing. This includes the ability to share the leaderboard to non-players, letting them follow the action. 

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