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December 10 2021

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What is the best free golf handicap calculator app?

18Birdies is the best free golf handicap calculator available for golfers and all of their golf buddies who want a free golf handicap. While the 18Birdies Handicap is a great measure of personal golf skill and golf improvement, your free golf handicap also helps you play more competitively with your golf buddies. Use the 18Birdies free golf handicap calculator app to level the playing field.

On average, a golfer who tracks their golf handicap using the 18Birdies Handicap plays four strokes better than golfers who don’t.

How does a free golf handicap make you a better golfer? 

A golf handicap is something that all golfers should have. While a golf handicap is not necessarily a reflection of a player’s skill, it is a great way to measure your current playing ability. Many golfers will use a free golf handicap calculator app, like 18Birdies, to establish a free golf handicap that can be used to gauge your current playing ability, but also track your progress over time. All it takes is entering one round into the 18Birdies app to get your free golf handicap.

The 18Birdies Handicap factors in your 20 most recent eligible rounds/ The lowest scored rounds are then used to calculate your 18Birdies Handicap. To start seeing a precise golf handicap, we suggest you add 10+ 9 or 18 hole rounds of golf into the 18Birdies app.

How does a free golf handicap make you golf better with friends?

We all know golf is better with friends,however, we all play with different skills and challenges. Your 18Birdies Handicap is the best way to level the playing between you and your golf buddies. The 18Birdies Handicap will be applied to your total round score, which will produce a net adjusted score. The higher your golf handicap, the more strokes will be adjusted from your total round score. The best way to have an accurate golf handicap, is to score every round of golf you play with the 18Birdies free golf handicap calculator app.

How do you download the best free golf handicap calculator app, 18Birdies? 

To get your free golf handicap today, just download the best free golf handicap calculator app in the App Store or Play Store, 18Birdies. Setting up your free golf handicap is a part of the registration process, and all you need to do is enter one round of golf in the app. 

Am I able to get a handicap if I live outside the United States? 

Yes, although depending on where you live, some international courses may not be eligible to count towards your handicap. If you have questions about a specific golf course, please reach out to support@18birdies.com.

Can I exclude a round from counting towards my 18Birdies Handicap?

Yes.  It’s easy to exclude a round from your free golf handicap calculation. When clicking into a round, you will be able to see if the golf round is included or excluded from the golf rounds used towards your free golf handicap calculation. 

If you have a round you wish to exclude from counting towards your golf handicap calculation, we have given you the ability to exclude any round of golf from your Round History.  We suggest excluding golf rounds played in a scramble format, best ball, and for any other uniquely scored/played golf rounds to make sure your golf handicap is as accurate as possible. 

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