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Looking for the best free golf app for golf stats and golf scorecards?

18Birdies is the best golf app for free golf stats, free golf scorecards, a free golf handicap calculator, and so much more. Traditional methods of tracking your golf stats and your golf scorecards are difficult, unorganized, and time consuming; 18Birdies, the best free golf app, is easy. Click here to download the Free 18Birdies golf stats and scorecard app.  


As an 18Birdies member, you get the best rated golf app for tracking your golf stats, golf scorecards, golf handicap calculation, and much more, all in one golf app for free.


What golf stats can I track with the best free golf stats app, 18Birdies?

With every round of golf you track with the 18Birdies free golf stats app, you’ll easily enter your score and all golf stats in one place. All of the recorded golf statistics are used in other areas of the app to provide the best free golf statistic analysis in any free golf app. 


Here are the stats you can track with 18Birdies, the best free golf gps and golf stats app.


  • Scores (bogey, par, birdies, etc)
  • Putts
  • Targets
  • Greens in Regulation
  • Fairways Hit
  • Chips
  • Sand Saves
  • Up & Down
  • Penalties
  • Betting History
  • Drives and shot distances for every club
  • Solid Shot


How to improve your golf stats and golf scores

The 18Birdies app is great for golf gps and golf scorecard tracking, but did you know that the 18Birdies app is also great for improving your golf game?


In  the golf stats section of your 18Birdies profile, use the golf stat analysis charts to view your golf score over time. In addition to golf scores, the 18Birdies app will display golf improvement charts for fairways hit, greens in regulation, sand shots, putts made, scoring penalties, and up-and-downs. 


How do I sign up for the best free golf statistic and golf GPS app, 18Birdies?

To start tracking your golf stats, all you need to do is download the free golf app, 18Birdies, from the app store on your mobile device. There is no need for a paid membership to start tracking your golf stats and most features can be used with a free account.


If you are not using 18Birdies, you are not using the best free golf app for golf statistics, golf scorecards, free golf GPS, and more.


More benefits for the members of 18Birdies, the best free golf app

If you only use 18Birdies to track your golf stats and golf scorecards, you are missing out on many other features of the best free golf app. A golf handicap is one of the most important golf stats a golfer should establish. 


The golf handicap is a number that represents your overall skill level; the rounds of golf you score in the 18Birdies app will factor into a free golf handicap calculation. With this free golf handicap stat, you can now play golf more competitively against other golfers with different skill levels.


Download 18Birdies, the best free golf stats app, to try our free golf handicap calculator and get your free golf handicap today.

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