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Group Scoring Group Stats

We've been listening to customer feedback and wanted to let you know that in the latest app update we made it much easier to track scores, stats, and games for your friends.

Your friends no longer need to have the 18Birdies App for you to enter their scores and keep track of games for your group, you can create a guest player for any friends not on 18Birdies and track all of their scores and stats for them. If your friends have the 18Birdies app they can join your round and input scores and stats on their own and 18Birdies will update the group's shared scorecard and games automatically.

Let 18Birdies do the heavy lifting for calculating group scorecards and automatically tracking the games you play with friends - we'll do the math for you.

Group Scorecard

Setting up group scoring is simple, just create a round and add any of your friends already on 18Birdies App. You can also invite a friend/guest to join your round. You can even add handicaps if you want to level the playing field for net scoring and give strokes to other players for various games you play.

Add some extra fun to your round by tracking games automatically with 18Birdies. Several of the games you can play include Skins, Wolf, Match Play, Nassau, Vegas, and more! Once you've added players to a round you can select the games you want to play.

Group Scoring Skins

Want to host your own tournament, run a league, or keep score for multiple groups of friends? 

18Birdies Tournaments is the perfect fit for what you'll need. It's 100% Free! You can create tournaments in the Play tab and invite friends to play at an individual course or you can set the tournament to be played virtually for players worldwide to join. Tournaments come with various game formats along with a leaderboard and a message board for communication to participants.

Group Scoring Tournaments
When it comes to playing golf with friends, 18Birdies App has you covered for all your needs!

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