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The Improvement Trend was built to help golfers visualize their swing improvements and changes over time. When making adjustments to your swing, it can be easy to add new faults that didn’t exist in your swing before. The Improvement Trend was built to help you easily identify changes in your swing by comparing your most recent swing analysis against your previous swings. The Improvement Trend will identify your Swing Flaws and Priority, isolating the position you need to focus on improving first and will also show you the positions you pass consistently. Improvement Trend will recommend your top priority looking at your last 5 swings and the swing position you failed the most. Use the Improvement Trend to track your progress and build a consistent swing to shoot lower scores. 

We’re making the details of each swing analysis more visible, including the positions as well as the flaws. AI Swing Analyzer has always analyzed and provided a detailed analysis of your swing, your setup (S), backswing (B) and impact (I). Each position also includes specific positions allowing us to detect and measure different points in your swing to determine your highest priority item to focus on.  Each position is prioritized first by setup, then backswing and then impact, as described in the 18Birdies AI Swing Analyzer – How It Works post. 

Each swing angle, down the line and face on, include a number of flaws.  With each swing analysis we’ll tell you the flaws you passed and flaws you need to improve. Passing each position is what matters the most. By passing each position, you’ll improve your swing stability and will hit more consistent shots.


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