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Need a Free Handicap? Get the 18Birdies free golf handicap calculator app

The 18Birdies golf GPS and golf handicap calculator app is the only golf app that gives you a 100% free golf handicap that will change as you play & score more rounds of golf. The 18Birdies free golf handicap calculator is the great equalizer to playing and competing against friends of all skill levels. When you enter more scores into the 18Birdies golf GPS and free golf handicap calculator app, you will see how your skill is improving by seeing how your handicap drops. 


How does the free 18Birdies golf handicap calculator work?

If you play with a friend who has been playing golf for years and tends to shoot lower scores of around 80 (they might be around a 7 handicap) then when the two of you play together you will have a way to compete by playing net scoring games. 

Net scoring means if you played 18 holes of golf and shot 100 strokes with a 18Birdies Handicap of 30, depending on how hard the golf course is, your net golf score should come out to close to 70 (by decreasing your total score of 100 - 30 = 70). Your friend would be given close to 7 strokes off their total golf score (also known as gross golf score) to equal their net golf score.  So if your friend shot an 80, their net score would be 73, and your net score of 70 would be the winner. 

This way everyone in your golf foursome can compete equally regardless of skill on golf leaderboards – and play golf betting games – against each other in a fair manner completely based on each player’s individual skill level.

How do I calculate my golf handicap?

Establishing your 18Birdies golf handicap is as easy as entering one golf scorecard from a recent round of golf; you can use either an 18-hole or 9-hole round of golf. You don’t even need the 18Birdies app to get started. 


 Click here to get your FREE 18BIRDIES GOLF HANDICAP!


Do all golf courses work with the 18Birdies golf handicap calculator?

Unlike other online golf handicap trackers that have strict rules around the types of golf courses that can factor into your golf handicap, the 18Birdies free golf handicap calculator can use rounds from any 18-hole golf course with a course par of 68 or greater, or any 9-hole golf course with a course par of 34 or greater. 


The 18Birdies free golf handicap tracker is the easiest way to establish your golf handicap online and skill ability. Other golf handicap tracker methods often require that you pay a membership fee to access your data or calculate your handicap – the 18Birdies app is the only golf gps and golf scorecard app that does all of this for FREE.  


Your 18Birdies  is synced to all aspects of your golf game and is a reflection of your playing style. You will get the most out of your golf game when you use the 18Birdies golf scorecard to record all of your golf scores & stats. 

In addition to all of the stats that can be recorded during a round of golf, use the 18Birdies AI Swing Analyzer swing analyzer to use the power of artificial intelligence to maximize your practice. Use all of these tools together to Play Better Golf

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